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What is Chain Base?

“Blockchain” “Integrated Resort (IR)” “Investment”

Our mission is to develop systems with blockchain technology and to create a new market by combining and utilizing both the technology and our existing related businesses.
In order to stimulate the entertainment market, we are aiming to commercialize the blockchain ecosystem of “casino x blockchain”. Also, by actively investing in related businesses to create new markets, we will accelerate our business development even further.


Masafumi Shimizu

Founder & CEO

In March 2007, he graduated from the department of economics of Aoyama Gakuin University. In April, he entered the department of project management of a national university in Paris (Universite Paris Est Creteil Val de Marne) In 2008, while he was still a student, he established Magingam, an IT company in Hanoi, Vietnam and became the CEO.
After that, while investing in cryptocurrency related businesses, he tended to link the cryptocurrency and the casino business to implement a blockchain project with “transparency × profitability = sustainability”. Based on this idea, he established this company and became the CEO.