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Our CEO Masafumi Shimizu has been working on NEVULA project, a project of “casino x blockchain” since 2017.
We are now pleased to announce that the official website of NEVULA project has been launched today, and you can find the information on the project there.

-What is NEVULA?
NEVULA is a completely integrated online and land-based casino ICO project.
This utility token can be changed into casino chips and used for casino service so it can encourage the prosperity of entertainment business in the world.
Moreover, the other aspect of NEVULA is that it is one of a few blockchain solutions covering all kinds of benefits such as decentralization, transparency, low transaction costs, quality of data and so on.
Because it focuses on the circulation of assets and expansion in the market, the value of token is stable.
The NEVULA project proudly partners with the major junkets with high market shares in Asia and a Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
For more details (e.g. the white paper) please see our website below.

We are holding the crowd sale of NEVULA tokens on November 11th.
The more details will be announced before the crowd sale.

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