We have concluded a partnership agreement with a cryptocurrency marketplace platform, “Bluebelt“.

About Bluebelt:
“Bluebelt has subsidiaries in more than 10 countries, especially around Asia, and some of them are running cryptocurrency exchanges there.

Besides the major cryptocurrencies, the Bluebelt exchanges actively list new cryptocurrency of high-potential projects.

Also, as one of their major features, the exchanges deal with a wide variety of fiat currencies, not only the majors but also the non-major currencies such as Philippine Peso and Indonesian Rupiah.

Bluebelt has already acquired cryptocurrency exchange licenses in EU and Philippines, has applied for licenses in Japan and Australia, and is preparing for the acquisitions in the US and many other countries. Bluebelt is unique in that it proclaims that it will acquire a license in every country in the world.”

Upcoming Updates:
We expect that this partnership will bring more users of Nevula, and as a result, it will improve Nevula’s liquidity and the value. We will keep you updated with further details about this partnership.

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